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Botzzup is the easiest chatbot platform to work with

Step 1

Sign up for botzzup account. Choose if you are the business

In this case you will be able to do all the changes and to chat) or the agent (you will be able to chat only

Step 2

Create the widget

The way how your chat window will look like: size, colors, fonts etc

Step 3

Create a bot

We made an easy-to-use, drag and drop bot builder. Drag simple blocks, question/answer blocks. You can add pictures, gif animations or videos too!) . Add white/ green /red cards - to receive notifications about the chats and the possible agent takeover

Step 4

Go to assign: create agents

People you want to receive notifications and to chat with the clients

Step 5

Create a «botzzup»:

A combo of your widget, bot and agent/s

Step 6

Copy your botzzup’s simple snippet code, and paste it to your website

We can help! Or simply click on the publish icon.

Congratulations! You have created your first amazing botzzup!

The best part is: it is FREE!

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