Botzzup works by displaying your chat window (classic chat, embedded in any window on the site or opens as a full screen) on any page of the website or landing pages or even in text messages, when people are searching online for your products or services. By leveraging media-rich visual builder, Botzzup helps business owners to instantly generate and close the leads while visitors are engaged on your website. 

1. Start by selecting or creating the chat window widget or customize it according to your design/goals.

2. Create or customize the bot in the easy-to-use visual bot builder. No code required.

3. Combine widget, bot and agents into "botzzup", get the unique short script and paste it to any part of your website.

4. Let the bot handle 90% of visitors requests and questions fully automatically and jump in the conversation only when serious leads are ready to book a service, buy products, or require the human agent.

5. Set up the review requests to generate more reviews for your business on Google, Facebook and other reviews platforms.

You only pay when you use extra-rapid green or red notifications if you decide to use them.